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Two Color Wall Finish

Faux Finish done in a small hallway, matching the colors of the paintings and the overall style of the home. The wall finish is a two color wash in earthy tones.
For every wall finish a sample is been done before the actual finish. This is important because nobody likes a bad surprise. If you like something similar or a free estimate, send an email.

Faux Finishes

Subtle Faux finish for a hallway

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Nursery Mural with Monkeys and Lion

african mural for children
The nursery mural with monkeys and a lion is a lovely children theme not only for a nursery but also for a toddler’s room.
The whimsical African scene of playing monkeys and a lion sitting next to the bed creates a wonderful kid’s room.
Also available on stick and peel fabric.
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Faux Finishes for Bathrooms

Faux Finished French Country Door

The bathroom was completly built from scratch and my client likes the French Country Style  a lot as it is throughout her charming Old Pasadena home.

She had her bathroom furniture customized and the faux finish plus the matching windows and doors made the it perfect indeed

As you can see on the picture the door is matching the tiles both on the floor and around the shower.

If you love this style contact me to get an estimate. send an email

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Headboard Painting

Customized Headboard with a romantic French Country Style painting. 

French Country Headboard
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